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Celebrate 50 Years of Pride and Create an Inclusive Workplace!

This June marks the 50th anniversary of the Pride movement in the UK! Events are taking place throughout the month celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and raising awareness of the issues it is facing. UK Pride will culminate on July 2nd with London Pride, which returns for the first time since 2019 and tops this year’s […]

MIT Benefits supports the security industry at the 2022 ACS Pacesetters Awards

It was an honour to sponsor The ACS Pacesetters Security Officer of Distinction Awards at Royal Windsor Racecourse on 25th May 2022! The MIT Benefits team would like to express our appreciation to everyone who made the event a resounding success.We had a wonderful time interacting with fellow event sponsors, industry pioneers and exceptional representatives […]

Invest in Employee Development to Inspire your Workforce

Who says that on-site learning can’t be a vital part of an organisation’s growth strategy? Certainly not Campaign for Learning, the UK’s leading nonprofit dedicated to championing the benefits of a lifelong learning society. This week, Campaign for Learning leads its annual Learning at Work Week, encouraging organisations to run creative campaigns to promote a […]

Tackle Stress With Our Innovative Business Solutions and Emotional Assistance Program!

This April marks the 20th anniversary of Stress Awareness Month, established to raise awareness of our modern stress epidemic. It is an opportunity to understand the challenges we face and develop intuitive pathways to mental wellness. Of the forms of stress that impact Brits today, occupational stress is the most prevalent and perhaps the most […]

Revitalise Your Workplace With MIT’S Market-Leading Employment Solution!

ENGAGEMENT VS SATISFACTION We’re all familiar with the concept of employee engagement. If you’re a business owner, it’s a fair bet that you’ve brainstormed how to make your employees feel appreciated and inspired to work harder. The importance of employee satisfaction also frequently appears in discussions of employment strategy. You’ve likely encountered both concepts in […]