Celebrate 50 Years of Pride and Create an Inclusive Workplace!

This June marks the 50th anniversary of the Pride movement in the UK! Events are taking place throughout the month celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and raising awareness of the issues it is facing. UK Pride will culminate on July 2nd with London Pride, which returns for the first time since 2019 and tops this year’s list of global Pride celebrations. In 1972, around 2,000 people marched together in support of LGBTQ+ rights; approximately 1.5 million now march in London Pride!

On this landmark anniversary, standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community means honouring its remarkable progress toward diversity and equality. Thanks largely to the efforts of advocacy and support organisations, record strides have been made in the workplace and in leadership roles. Yet, many LGBTQ+ people still face discrimination, harassment and bullying at work. Employers are becoming increasingly cognisant of the importance of enforcing a clear Equality and Diversity policy to create an environment of safety, sensitivity, inclusion and belonging. This is the foundation of true employee engagement, and the key to workplace synergy, optimised productivity, and wellbeing.

  • Nearly 1 in 5 employees who identify as LGBTQ+ have been the target of a negative comment or conduct at work (Employee Benefits, 2022)
  • More than a third of LGBT staff (35%) have hidden that they are LGBT at work for fear of discrimination (LGBT in Britain – Work, 2018)
  • Employees are 9.8 times more likely to look forward to going to work when they trust they will be treated fairly, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or age (Great Place to Work, 2021)

What is the most effective way for employers to infuse their workplace with diversity and inclusion?

To begin, it is important to understand that I&D are distinct yet complementary elements. Strategising how to maximize both is key to building a safe, equitable work culture!

Diversity means…

Employing people of different ages, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds, etc.

How to Achieve:

Focus on inclusive recruitment strategies:

  • Write neutral job descriptions
  • Avoid overly gendered language
  • Diversify where your company sources applicants

Inclusion means…

Ensuring that your diverse workforce is involved, empowered, integrated, and respected.

How to Achieve:

  • Make sure your Equality and Diversity policy is comprehensive and up to date
  • Encourage frequent check-ins
  • Give employees multiple ways to provide feedback, discuss workplace challenges (particularly those of a sensitive nature), and raise concerns and report incidents of workplace harassment in a secure and confidential manner
  • Create safe spaces (such as gender-neutral restrooms) and inclusive digital environments (e.g., invite the addition of pronouns to usernames and email signatures)
  • Plan work events and initiatives that celebrate inclusion (consider a Pride Month mixer this June!)
  • Single out less visible employee contributions for recognition

According to Anna Doherty, our HR Director, the business case for inclusion and diversity could not be clearer:

“Boosting inclusion and diversity (I&D) in the workplace offers far-reaching benefits to your organisation! Not only do you create a bigger talent pool, but you ensure employees feel accepted and comfortable within the team, which in turn fosters retention, innovation, and improved performance.”

MIT’s unparalleled benefits are designed to build a healthier, happier staff and an inclusive, diverse work culture. Get in touch today to book a free demo of our services!

MIT Benefits supports the security industry at the 2022 ACS Pacesetters Awards

It was an honour to sponsor The ACS Pacesetters Security Officer of Distinction Awards at Royal Windsor Racecourse on 25th May 2022!

The MIT Benefits team would like to express our appreciation to everyone who made the event a resounding success.We had a wonderful time interacting with fellow event sponsors, industry pioneers and exceptional representatives of the sector. We have great respect for the critical work being done in UK securityand for the front-line Officers who go above and beyond to keep our property and loved ones safe.

Dominic Simpson, our Client Director, has nothing but praise for the nominees and event organisers:

“I’m honoured to be part of a team that supports the security industry. The UK sector is known and admired for its high standards of professionalism and integrity,and these were on full display in Wednesday’s event. Congratulations to the well-deserved nominees and winners on your achievements!”

We’d also like to congratulate the organisers on exceeding their target and raising £2,150.00 for the Felix Fund Bomb Disposal Charity, which offers vital support to individuals within the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Search community.

Invest in Employee Development to Inspire your Workforce

Who says that on-site learning can’t be a vital part of an organisation’s growth strategy? Certainly not Campaign for Learning, the UK’s leading nonprofit dedicated to championing the benefits of a lifelong learning society. This week, Campaign for Learning leads its annual Learning at Work Week, encouraging organisations to run creative campaigns to promote a learning culture and engage their employees in personal and professional development. The event’s organisers provide businesses with advice and guidance on running a successful campaign to revamp their L&D strategy and reinforce their commitment to staff development.

Though the benefits of employee training are well-documented, managers are often reluctant to invest in their team’s development. In fact, according to a new report by Learning and Work Institute, employer investment in training in the UK has plummeted by 28% since 2005 (Learning and Work Institute, 2022). This is not exactly surprising; in the absence of accessible and targeted learning resources, clearly identified skill gaps and an engaged workforce, organisations cannot discern the key benefits of their L&D investment.

Thankfully, there are numerous efficient, cost-effective ways to foster curiosity and engagement and keep your staff learning and honing their skills!

  • Create an L&D strategy that includes modern training methods such as online training and certification programs
  • Offer on-demand learning tools to address employee questions and knowledge gaps as they arise
  • Highlight your employees’ skills and L&D needs to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Facilitate collaboration-based learning by encouraging cross-team and cross-department interaction (mentoring, leadership shadowing, apprenticeships)
  • Evaluate the impact of your L&D strategy by establishing key performance indicators and prioritising participant feedback

Aiste Naujokaityte, our Client Director & President of the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in the UK, believes that investing in workplace L&D is among the most powerful strategies for achieving employee engagement and business growth:


“It is difficult to overstate the importance of employee training and development. When you are learning and upskilling on the job, you feel inspired and supported, and you bring that energy and enhanced competence to your daily work. With MIT, your people gain unlimited access to our unique, dedicated e-learning platform, featuring over 100 accredited courses to foster curiosity, engagement and staff loyalty!”


Prioritising employee learning and development offers immense value to business owners in the form of:

  • A more competent, adaptable workforce
  • An improved capacity to attract and retain top talent (especially among millennial employees, who greatly value development opportunities!)
  • Improved employee engagement and morale
  • Enhanced performance and productivity
  • Workplace synergy

MIT Benefits offers numerous unique and dedicated pathways to challenge, inspire and motivate your staff. Our online employee training platform empowers driven employees to pursue e-learning from the comfort of their homes, offering over 100 accredited courses in such subject areas as Soft Skills, HR compliance, Management and Health & Safety.

Meanwhile, our market-leading rewards & recognition program and exceptional employee benefits allow your staff to maintain a healthy work-life balance, manage stress, and prioritise time with loved ones, maximising their productivity, focus and engagement with their work. Contact us today to discover how our cutting-edge services can help you build a healthy, inspired workforce and thriving business.

Tackle Stress With Our Innovative Business Solutions and Emotional Assistance Program!

This April marks the 20th anniversary of Stress Awareness Month, established to raise awareness of our modern stress epidemic. It is an opportunity to understand the challenges we face and develop intuitive pathways to mental wellness.

Of the forms of stress that impact Brits today, occupational stress is the most prevalent and perhaps the most damaging. Over 800,000 UK workers have suffered work-related stress and anxiety during the past year, accounting for 50% of ill health cases. The most common causes of occupational stress are excessive workload, perceived lack of control, and inadequate support from management. Health issues, financial concerns and sleep deprivation are the most common non-work stressors Brits face today.

A common misconception is that stress management offers few business benefits beyond improved attendance and focus. In truth, excess stress hinders all aspects of business performance, from retention and output to customer satisfaction, image and innovation capability. Tackling stress should be the priority of every employer.


Which is the Most Effective Stress Management Approach?

Stress is an individual response brought about by excessive pressures and demands. Factors outside of work and the scope of the employer are likely to inform employee stress. Thus, the goal is not to eliminate stress but to implement an action plan to mitigate its effects.
The HSE’s Management Standards simplify risk assessment and lead organisations to long-term, meaningful change. Employers may adapt this approach to suit their staff’s specific needs.
For further information, please follow the link:
Additionally, consider adopting the following practices to maintain a positive and productive work environment:

  • Remain available to employees to address any mental health concerns
  • Underscore the importance of work-life balance and unplugging during off-hours
  • Encourage your team to participate in stress-management webinars and practice healthy lifestyle habits
  • Most importantly, provide comprehensive resources to support your team’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing!


Employee Wellbeing is Our Priority!

Our CEO David Callaghan is all too familiar with the impact of stress on employee potential.

“If my work history has taught me anything, successful businesses require healthy, vibrant employees. When we prioritise the wellness and development of our people, we are rewarded with something invaluable: genuine engagement. MIT’s cutting-edge service package includes unparalleled lifestyle benefits, competitive pension schemes and 24-hour GP and emotional support services. In short, everything you need to maximise employee wellbeing and drive your business forward!”

Our cutting-edge services unlock business potential by addressing the primary contributors to stress:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Across the UK, mounting workloads and insufficient managerial support are making employees feel unseen and overwhelmed. Our confidential helpline service provides your staff with 24/7 access to professional counselling support and expert guidance, with a focus on work-related pressure. In many work contexts, managers are unaware of the extent of their employees’ responsibilities. Building resources to communicate one’s needs and manage stress is key to cultivating agency and work-life balance.

Health and Wellbeing Solution

Health concerns are a universal cause of stress and a primary factor in staff attendance and productivity. Your employees enjoy 24/7 access to online GP consultations and prescription services, enabling them to request specialist referrals and acquire information on surgical options, private hospital costs and even the length of NHS waiting lists. Additionally, we offer personalised fitness and nutrition advice and discounted gym memberships to help your staff remain healthy and stress free.

Pension Solutions

Financial stress stems from a lack of assurance over one’s present and future stability. It is not merely a matter of covering expenses but feeling capable of supporting one’s family, retiring comfortably, etc. Our tailor-made pension schemes offer great returns on investments, the value of which is accessible 24/7 via our dedicated valuation platform. Employees have the flexibility to invest in three additional funds and monitor their assets via any mobile device, relieving them of distracting financial concerns.

Training Platform

Staff are driven to upskill and enhance their knowledge but often struggle to identify useful resources. Through our integrated e-learning platform, your people can access over 100 accredited courses in numerous in-demand subject areas. Occupational stress isn’t merely the product of excessive pressure but feeling secondary or static in your professional life. Growth opportunities drive employee engagement by providing a sense of agency and direction.



MIT Tackles Stress at the Source!

Forward-thinking UK employers rely on our innovative employment strategy to protect their people from stress and drive successful business outcomes. Contact us today to discover how our cutting-edge services and Emotional Assistance Program can help you build a happy, healthy, and driven workforce!


Revitalise Your Workplace With MIT’S Market-Leading Employment Solution!


We’re all familiar with the concept of employee engagement. If you’re a business owner, it’s a fair bet that you’ve brainstormed how to make your employees feel appreciated and inspired to work harder.

The importance of employee satisfaction also frequently appears in discussions of employment strategy. You’ve likely encountered both concepts in the same context, perhaps used interchangeably.

Though they sound similar and have a good deal of overlap, these terms carry important distinctions with significant implications for your business.

Employee satisfaction encompasses the degree to which an employee’s needs and expectations are fulfilled by their work environment. This can relate to enjoyment of one’s responsibilities, a healthy work-life balance, fair compensation, positive relationships with co-workers and management and an overall experience of security and stability.

In other words, satisfaction is a one-way street; the employee is content to remain in their position, but they do not necessarily:

  • Align themselves with the organisation’s mission or values
  • Feel loyalty to the organisation
  • Identify as a valuable member of the team
  • Strive to outperform expectation based on an emotional connection to their work

The key takeaway here is that a satisfied employee is limited in how far they will go to drive operational success. Conversely, there is no ceiling on an engaged employee’s contributions to their workplace.



Employee engagement requires profound and personal investment in one’s work and is driven by the following factors:

  • Work is challenging and demands diligence
  • Output is met with consistent appraisal and recognition
  • Opportunities for personal and professional development
  • Identification with the goals and principles of the company
  • Genuine excitement and enthusiasm for one’s work

An engaged workforce is a core factor in driving positive business outcomes. If an employee lacks investment in their work beyond financial stability or a workplace chat, they are unlikely to produce beyond what is necessary. Elements that are fundamental to organisational success and cost employers significant sums: retention, innovation, team dynamics – are all impacted by employee engagement, or a lack thereof.

A satisfied employee may leave for higher compensation elsewhere yet decline the offer if they feel personally fulfilled and motivated in their role.

So the verdict is clear: employee satisfaction and engagement are both vital to business success, but the latter is far more powerful and reliable in facilitating team synergy, competitive edge, talent retention, and the list goes on…



At MIT Benefits, we appreciate the time and energy commitment required to build a loyal, driven workforce. We understand that employers are not paying lip service to the concept of employee engagement; more often, they lack the resources to truly connect with and inspire their staff.

When a business cannot foster genuine engagement in the workplace, it misses out on the most consistent driver of growth and innovation.

MIT Benefits provides a range of unique and innovative services that add value to your organisation, all of which are accessible through our integrated employee engagement portal.



Your staff and their families gain 24/7 access to UK-based registered GPs and private, confidential helpline support.

Prioritise your staff’s health and well-being to achieve higher employee retention rates, reduced absenteeism, and a more positive and productive work environment.

LIFESTYLE BENEFITS: Your employees can save thousands on their daily expenses through our exclusive discounts!

Investing in the well-being of your employees will increase their workplace engagement and support talent acquisition and retention.

WORKPLACE PENSIONS: We have designed a simple and effective Workplace Pension solution that reduces your administrative burden while ensuring compliance.

Our dedicated valuation platform collates all assets into a single view via our engagement portal, providing you with the benefits of a workforce that appreciates your contribution to their financial security.

BUSINESS PROTECTION: Reduce your administrative burden via expert support with performance reviews, disciplinary matters and dismissals.

Our employment law experts will insulate your business from employee grievances and help to avoid potential difficulties.

PAYROLL CONSULTANCY: Our payroll consultancy services enable you to focus on your day-to-day operations with the assurance that your payroll needs are being attended to expediently and professionally.

Payroll data provides invaluable insight into your business and resource management approach, increasing efficiency and improving your ability to strategise.



Many employers regard employee satisfaction as the price of admission to a motivated, productive workforce. Our unique service package allows you to enhance satisfaction and engagement simultaneously while protecting your operation and reducing your administrative burden.

We are constantly expanding and refining our employment solutions to safeguard your people and business interests.

Get in touch today to discover how we can transform your business!